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Essential Bliss, Issue #030 -- The Search for Joy
August 03, 2011

Welcome to this edition of Essential Bliss.

In this issue, guest author Anne Aleckson, Australia's own direct voice channel and creation coach talks about JOY and Joy essential oil. EnJOY!

Also, see below to read my answer about dogs and arthritis and how essential oils may help.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know, I would be happy to help :)

Love and Joy

The Search for Joy

Any good search should always start with a question and so we are starting with this one; what is joy?

In this day and age the first place to start any search is through Google and so I fired up the internet and got ready to Google. First I found this - Joy dishwashing liquid is a major brand of dish-cleaning detergent product made by U.S.-based personal and cleaning products manufacturer and marketer Procter & Gamble.

Well that was not quite the response I wanted so I kept searching and came up with some definitions found on the Web:

  • feel happiness
  • the emotion of great happiness
  • make glad or happy

In their book Ask and It Is Given, Abraham-Hicks describes it as being at the highest end of the vibrational scale alongside unconditional love.

Along those lines I also know that David Hawkins in his amazing book Power vs Force places it at 540 on his map of consciousness and gives it the emotion of serenity.

I found that Mother Teresa said that "Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls. A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love."

Steve Pavlina a well regarded US based self development blogger says that "JOY results from total acceptance of your present moment. When all parts of your being fully embrace where you are right now, you canít help but feel joyful."

He also goes on to say "most likely you havenít reached that yet" which I thought was pretty presumptuous of him until I realized that the blog post I was reading was dated way back in 2006. The world is surely a different place these days with all the heart awakenings that are happening and all those who are starting to experience the higher energy levels that are available to them, so Iím sure he would agree that there are many of us now who are and have experienced what he speaks of.

What I do know is that it is not, as one web description says "someone or something that provides a source of happiness." JOY and happiness are absolutely not as a result of any one thing or person and are only truly embraced when they are genuinely felt from within oneself.

I also know that it is very hard to define what brings us joy. It is subjective and unique to each individual who is experiencing it.

Just ask any group of people the question, as I did recently, and you will get a huge myriad of responses from a baby giggling, to walking on freshly mowed grass and onto an unexpected "I love you" from a mate and the list goes on and on with not one being an exact match to another.

One way that I bring a little joy into my life every day is by wearing the Young Living Essential Oil blend JOY as my perfume.

It's a luxuriously exotic blend with uplifting overtones that create magnetic energy and bring joy to my heart. Itís a blend of some fabulous oils including Bergamot for building confidence and enhancing my mood while reminding me of my favourite Earl Grey tea, Lemon to revitalize and uplift my, Ylang Ylang to help me release those feelings of anger and tension, Rose which makes me feel balanced, Geranium for releasing negative memories along with Jasmine, Rosewood and Roman Chamomile.

What is JOY to you, how do you define it and do you try to feel that feeling at least once every day.

Do you have habits that help you get into a state of pure happiness? If not, then start your search for joy today and you will never look back.

Anne Aleckson is Australia's own direct voice channel and Creation Coach. Find out more and get your free JOYgasm at and

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