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Essential Bliss, Issue #035 -- Essential Oil Recipes on Video!
January 22, 2012

Welcome to this edition of Essential Bliss and Happy New Year! It has already been an exciting start to the New Year. I have been regularly uploading new videos to my You Tube channel (and on pages throughout my website) and have been working on bringing a LOT more essential oil information and education to you.

Also, I received the exciting news that I have earned my place on the 2012 Young Living Essential Oils Global Leadership Cruise to the Caribbean!! I believe essential oils can change your life in so many ways--they bring me vitality, beauty and abundance every day. If they did for me, they can for you too. Are you ready for an amazing and aromatic 2012? Then please join me now on this amazing journey!


Here's What You Will Find in This Issue:

  1. My Book Available Now! An Aromatic Life
  2. Goddess of Magic Day Retreat Gold Coast - 19 February 2012
  3. FEATURE ARTICLE: Essential Oil Goddess on Video
  4. 5 Ways to Enhance Your Essential Oil Recipes
  6. Connect with Me

My Book is Available - Have You Got Your Copy of An Aromatic Life?
Do you want to create a happy, healthy environment for you, your family and your pets? Do you LOVE the idea of making your own natural remedies nd beauty products? Are you ready to connect with your inner-self and emotions? Start your journey to a natural lifestyle now... Read more>>>

Goddess of Magic Day Retreat: Gold Coast 2012
HURRY: 4 Places Left!

Jen Gallagher partners with Jenni Madison from Coconut Magic to teach you how to make your own natural and chemical free beauty products, perfume, healing remedies, and enjoy the calm relaxation of an aromatherapy meditation.
Date: Sunday 19 February 2012
RED HOT SPECIAL: Book and pay before 31st January 2012 and TWO people can attend for $99. Read more>>>

Feature Article: Essential Oil Goddess on Video
I have had so much fun in the past few weeks making videos so that you will have a better understanding of just how easy it is to use essential oils in your everyday life.

Here is a list of the videos I have recorded recently:

You can subscribe to my You Tube channel to be notified immediately when I upload a new video. You can do this from any one of the links above.

If you have any requests for You Tube videos, please contact me. I would be happy to help!

5 Ways to Enhance Your Essential Oil Recipes
It is easy to use essential oils everyday. Here are my top 5 ways to get the most out of each blend:

  1. Choose a top, middle and base note to blend. Each essential oil is categorised by the volatility (how quickly it evaporates in the air) of the oil. Top notes are quick to evaporate, therefore, you will smell them first and base notes create the "fixative" for the blend. You can read more about top, middle and base notes here.
  2. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to a spritzer. A quick and easy way to add aroma to any area. Makes great presents too!
  3. Blend your essential oils with a little coconut oil. Just before you are ready to use your essential oils, blend with a little coconut oil and apply liberally all over your body. For best results, use a raw, virgin coconut oil such as Coconut Magic.
  4. Use essential oils everyday. Find ways to include essential oils in your sin care, hair care, cleaning, with your pets or to support your emotions. Don't wait until you are sick, introduce these amazing, yummy smelling, gifts from nature to your life and feel the difference!
  5. Use the highest quality essential oil you can find. After having little or no results with other essential oils, I only use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils. if you want to look and feel your best, you need to use the best. I know and trust the company from an environmental, sustainable and ethical perspective. This means the world to me.

SPECIAL for Essential Bliss readers. A FREE copy of my book Lose Weight Peacefully.
Coconut MagicFrom the Desk of Jenni Madison (Founder, Director of Coconut Magic)

"It's true, I am giving away a free book. Lose Weight Peacefully, written by the beautiful and inspirational Jen Gallagher. I find Jen's work and writing full of passion and authenticity. She shares her experience and insights on finding peace with food, and life, so profoundly.

Just like I do, Jen wants you to be healthy and happy!!

My personal mission since coming home from Thailand in 2010, was to bring to you this incredibly pure, superior quality, organic virgin coconut oil (Coconut Magic), that I had discovered whilst I was in Thailand on my own personal healing journey.

For January I have also extended the 20% OFF special. So now is the time to receive all the bonuses and benefits of shopping online.

I hope that the insight, education and special offers available here, will contribute in some way to your 2012 goals, dreams and inspirations..."

Click here to receive a free book with 20% OFF Coconut Magic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil ยป (offer ends 31 January 2012).

Connect with Me

If I can help you in any way, please connect with me:

  1. Via the contact page.
  2. Send a message via my personal Facebook page.
  3. Skype:
  4. Connect with me via the Essential Oil Goddess Facebook Page
I look forward to hearing from you.
Essential Oil Goddess

Jen is a qualified aromatherapist, teacher and counsellor. She is the author of An Aromatic Life: Natural Lifestyles using Essential Oils. --start your journey to vitality, beauty and abundance today. Jen is also the author of Lose Weight Peacefully, a book to help you find peace with food, feelings and life--and lose weight at the same time.

*Young Living Essential Oil blend. Jen uses and recommends Young Living Essential Oils due to the purity, potency and amazing results they provide. Jen is independent distributor 956246.

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