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Essential Bliss, Issue #041 -- Make your own natural essential oil recipes
September 28, 2013

This edition is about making your own healthy and healing natural products. Our last major event for the year is the Essential Oil Goddess Day Retreat on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia is where we will teach you all the knowledge you need to make just about everything at home to smell, look and feel great! See below to book asap as spaces are limited and early bird special finishes soon.

I am considering whether I will offer a webinar based around the same topics - if you are interested, please hit "reply" to this email and let me know.

If you haven't connected with me on Facebook, please do, as I am posting new recipes, tips and inspiration almost every day :) I look forward to seeing you on Facebook soon.

Essential Oil Goddess

Here's What You Will Find in This Issue:

  1. It's here! Essential Oil Goddess Day Retreat Brisbane - Learn to Make Your Own Natural Products
  2. Questions and Answers about Essential Oils
  3. Connect with Me

Essential Oil Goddess Day Retreat Gold Coast Australia - Saturday 26 October 2013
Do you want to make your own natural health remedies and beauty products? Spend a day of relaxation, education and fun learning to make your own essential oil based recipes. Special Guest: Jenni Madison from Coconut Magic teaching the secrets of natural beauty with coconut oil. Includes full resource manual and 3 take home products on the day.

Want More Recipes?
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Questions and Answers about Essential Oils
Jan asks "How can a blend essential oils so they don't come out 'stinky?!'" Read the basics of essential oil blending to create and amazing blend

An "about to become a new grandmother" asks how essential oils can help her pregnant daughter Read more>>>

Anonymous asks "How can I balance my blood sugar with essential oils?" Here are some simple essential oils to try... Read more>>>


Connect with Me

If I can help you in any way, please connect with me:

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  4. Connect with me via the Essential Oil Goddess Facebook Page
I look forward to hearing from you.
Essential Oil Goddess

Jen is a qualified aromatherapist, teacher and counsellor. She is the author of An Aromatic Life: Natural Lifestyles using Essential Oils. Start your journey to vitality, beauty and abundance today. Jen is also the author of Lose Weight Peacefully, a book to help you find peace with food, feelings and life--and lose weight at the same time.

*Jen uses and recommends Young Living Essential Oils due to the purity, potency and amazing results they provide. Young Living Essential Oils are also distilled in food grade distillers and bottled in food grade bottles. Jen is independent distributor 956246. The information in this eZine reflects personal experiences only. It's not intended and shouldn't be relied upon as a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice or treatment. Use only guaranteed pure, unadulterated, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and follow the directions of the manufacturer.

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