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Blood Sugar Blend for Balance

Do you know an essential oil blend to support blood sugar? I have a problem with balance, and fruit and sweets make me sick. My blood sugar is good.

Previously, a certified aromatherapist made me an essential oil blend for this. I believe it was four essential oils--one was dill--but I'm not sure what the other oils were. She is no longer treating me so this is the reason I am seeking help.

Thank you for your question. There are a number of essential oils that can support blood sugar. It is imperative that diet is addressed first--eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, good quality protein, avoid processed foods and those high in sugar.

Please follow the advice of a qualified health practitioner.

I cannot give specific aromatherapy advice without a personal consultation. You are welcome to contact me to arrange a personal appointment, which I can do via Skype or in person.

As a general guide, the essential oils to support blood sugar are:

  • Dill essential oil

  • Coriander essential oil

  • Fennel essential oil

  • Cinnamon essential oil

  • Ocotea essential oil

Blood sugar levels must be closely monitored when implementing a new health regime. Please consult a qualified health practitioner.

I hope you find this information useful.

In good health!

Essential Oil Goddess

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