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Help with Blending Essential Oils

by Jan
(New Britain, PA)

Help! I am new to blending essential oils and my batch came out stinky. Is there a way to neutralize a batch? I hate to throw away all that good oil!

Hi Jan, thanks for your question. How disappointing that your batch of blended essential oils didn't work out.

There are a couple of reasons that your blending technique did not work:

Unfortunately, there is no way to neutralise the batch of essential oils that you have blended. Once new compounds are formed (which is when the blended essential oils "synergise") they cannot be undone.

You may like to use the information above to assist in blending essential oils. Also, anyone who purchases essential oils via my website (and uses my referral number) has personal access to my expertise.

I wish you well with your future blending :)

Essential Oil Goddess

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