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Aromatherapy earrings

by Nella

I have not worn perfumes for ten years, because I consider them only as added toxins. Last summer I begun to miss scents around me, and then it hit me: many essential oils smell divine! But how could I wear them as perfume? They may stain clothes, and most should not be applied to the bare skin.

It took several deep moments of configuring to come up with the solution, but when I did, I knew it would be awesome: aromatherapy earrings! Earrings hang perfectly on each side of the nose, which makes it effective to smell the scent of the essential oil used.

I can go anywhere with these earrings on, while pamper/treat myself with aromatherapy. One drop of oil is enough, and it is easy to re-apply during the day if using a quickly vaporating kind.

For three months now I have worn my earrings daily (I have made different styles for variety), and am so excited and enthusiastic about my innovation! I think everybody should have the chance to try this way of aromatherapy; it takes no effort, is totally easy, reduces one´s toxic load (you can apply "ordinary" perfume on the earrings too, instead of your skin), and treats you with whatever "problem" you may have!

Fabric/yarn is the absorbing material in my earrings (instead of clay/cement I have seen some use), so they are lightweight and easy to wear in everyday hustle.

You can hand-craft your own earrings like I did mine.

Aromatherapy made easy! Sincerely recommendable!

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Aug 27, 2017
Great idea NEW
by: Bruce Carlson

My wife has done something similar. She created what she calls a scent penny. She wears it as a necklace/pendant. A drop of oil and the aroma is with her all day.

Nov 05, 2015
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Oct 19, 2015
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Sep 23, 2015
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Aug 01, 2015
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by: John

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May 21, 2015
Stylish earrings that smell good
by: Michelle

Never knew we could wear such great looking earrings and smell good at the same time. Thanks for showing us how to do it in style!

Oct 18, 2014
Other options
by: Kansas Native

I have a chemistry problem with perfumes: in 10 minutes I smell like a 6 hour old diaper. For years I've crocheted flowers for hair pins, hair combs, or brooches and put my scents there. If it stained, it only stained the under side, and several friends loved getting them as gifts. During the winter I also keep a bowl of water on my space heater with a couple of drops of fragrance to freshen the air and control static electricity. Congratulations! You came up with a beautiful alternate solution.

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