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Make Your Own Essential Oil Perfume

What are the basics of making essential oil perfume? Choosing a great combination makes for great aromatherapy.

What makes good essential oil recipes? Imagine an essential oil blend of lemon and patchouli? Lemon is a "top note." In other words it is sharp and fast acting. It is immediately detectable. Patchouly is a good "base note." It gives depth to a blend. It is long lasting. It will most likely take over the lemon essential oil.

Consider adding an essential oil with a middle note. Lavender perhaps?


What about the therapeutic properties? Patchouli is an aphrodisiac and anti-depressant. It is also regenerative to the skin. Perfect for scar tissue. Lemon is anti-microbal. It is one of the first oils to reach for at the first sign of a cough or cold. They are two very different essential oils. Probably not a good combination.

How about bergamot instead? Also an antidepressant. You will be feeling WOW in no time!

Remember there are precautions that must be followed when using aromatherapy. Some may iritate the skin. Do not use if you have sensitive skin.

Part of good blending is to decide the best method of application. You can layer your blends. For a night out you may have an aromatherapy bath and make a natural perfume. Generally, essential oil is mixed with a carrier oil for use. Some oils can be applied directly to the skin. This depends on the quaility and type of oil. Always use the best!

So the basic rules of essential oil perfume blending are:

  1. Consider the reason for making your blend.
  2. Choose no more than three oils to make one blend.
  3. Less is more. Essential oils are highly concentrated.
  4. Choose an essential oil that supports the mood you want.
  5. Are there any health issues that you need to consider?
  6. Have a good mix of top, middle and base note oils.
  7. Decide on the best method of application.
  8. Apply and feel like a goddess!

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