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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Kit 101

Essential oil perfume and natural health go together. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Kit 101 will show you how. A goddess wants natural health. We want to radiate. We want to shine.

We need some basics that will start us towards natural health....and smelling great, of course! Remember, pure oil is a must! If you haven't checked out Pure Oil Essential, go there now. This explains why it is so important to have good a quality oil. We want therapeutic value as well as a great scent!

Why "101"...Well I see some of these essential oils as being the foundation to any aromatherapy experience.

My Number One Must-have for Any Essential Oil Kit is Lavender.

Lavender is the all-rounder of oils. If you don't know what to use, then lavender is a good start. It smells great too. And pure oil does not smell like your granny's cupboard. It is a soft, herbaceous scent that adds body to a blend.

Lavender is said to be able to be used on its own for insomnia, depression, pain relief, speeding delivery in childbirth, (but is best not used in early months of pregnancy), wrinklesacne, bites, cuts, stings, and so much more. It is like a first aid kit in a bottle.

My second oil of choice for my aromatherapy essential oil kit is tea tree essential oil. I know it is not going to win in the perfume stakes, but tea tree is antibiotic, antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal and also an insecticide. What more could you ask?

If you have a pure lavender and tea tree oil as the basis of a kit, you are off to a good start.

Sandalwood oil is number three. It also has many health benefits such as being an antiseptic. Sandalwood essential oil smells wonderful! It is woody and has a great amount of depth to add to any blend. An aphrodisiac so it is essential to any romantic encounter!

magickal essential oil

If I had to choose one oil with earthy and magickal qualities, it would be patchouli. It would be a perfect magickal essential oil. It is centring and grounding. It has antidepressant qualities and also a great blend with sandalwood for the ultimate aphrodisiac.

I have to add another great antiseptic, antiviral, decongestant oil here. Eucalyptus essential oil is so handy for when the house feels like that it should be quarantined for risk of infection! It smells fantastic to a sick person as it is so relieving. Eucalyptus essential oil uses are endless when it comes to illness.

The next oil that would form part of my aromatherapy essential oil kit is geranium essential oil. Although it has antiseptic and analgesic properties (great as an insect repellent too!) it makes a great base for an essential oil perfume because it has a floral scent and adds body to a blend.

These six essential oils form the basis of my aromatherapy essential oil kit. There are so many more that I want to add to the list. They all have their perfect qualities and uses. Make essential oils part of your everyday experience and you will feel like a goddess!

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