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Jasmine Essential Oil for Happiness 
and Self-Confidence

Jasmine essential oil is a very special oil. Have you had days when you just can't seem to see anything positive in the day? You feel like you don't know how you will cope? Lack confidence to get through a task?

Jasmine Essential Oil for Happiness 
and Self-Confidence

I call jasmine a very special oil because it is one of the best known oils for helping ease depression.

It is calming to the nerves and warming to the emotions, producing positive feelings of self confidence. I don't think that there is any other oil that I have personally had so much success in emotional healing as I have had with jasmine.

Wanda Seller says in The Directory of Essential Oils, jasmine essential oil is "a valuable remedy for severe depression."

directory of essential oils

I have applied it in a very simple way to get excellent results. It is certainly worth every drop. As soon as I apply one drop, I have an instant euphoric feeling. I feel more confident and stronger within myself.

Jasmine is a Special Oil to Use on its Own

Jasmine has such a powerful effect I prefer not to use it in a blend. You may want to use or blend other oils on other parts of the body.

I apply only one drop (it has very powerful aroma and it smells gorgeous!) and use the following affirmation:

"I open my heart."

Jasmine bath salt

It is such a special oil, give it the honour it deserves and use on chakra points such as the heart and solar plexus, apply to wirsts and behind the ears. The best way to use it in a blend is for a lovers blend.

Known as the "king of flowers" it has also been used in love potions and is a powerful aphrodisiac. Combine with rose essential oil or bath salts recipe for an amazing love life!

If you want to experiment with other oils for happiness and self-confidence try:

You could try these oils in a blend or individually. See what works for you. The right oil should have an effect on your mood within a few minutes of applying. If not, try another.

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Jasmine Essential Oil is Great for Labour and Childbirth.

jasmine oil for childbirth and labour

Jasmine is considered balancing to both male and female hormones it is also excellent to use for post-natal depression.

Do not use jasmine in pregnancy until about to give birth. It may be one of the most valued oils in child birth. It hastens delivery by strengthening contractions yet relieving pain at the same time.

One of its properties is lactogenic - promoting the production of breast milk. Jasmine is definitely an oil to have for labour, childbirth and after the birth. You will fall in love with jasmine.

Jasmine is known to soften the skin and could be useful to soften wrinkles and maintain elasticity of the skin. A good blend for stretchmarks is jasmine and lavender.

Pure Unadulterated Jasmine Essential Oil is Expensive!

Making the oil is very labour intensive. Jasmine flowers are picked at night to maximise the fragrance.

Jasmine essential oil

It takes 3.6 million fresh unpacked blossoms to make 2kg
(1 pound) of jasmine oil!

Because huge quantities are needed to produce the oil, making it very expensive. A single pound of jasmine may cost between US$1200 and US$4500! Sometimes Ylang Ylang is substituted and is known as "the poor man's jasmine."

You can be assurred if your jasmine was cheap, it is probably adulterated, cut or worse still synthetic.

Pure jasmine essential oil is worth every cent. If it is therapeutic grade then you know you have the best. Don't muck around with imitations, it is just not worth it. Sometimes when oils "don't work" it is because an inferior oil is being used.

It also could be that it is not the right oil for you. Keep experimenting and use essential oils everyday to feel like a goddess!

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