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Conceiving, Essential Oils and Carrier Oils

by B.
(L.I. NY)

I am trying to conceive and just began making my own moisturizers and hair shampoos with carrier oils & essential oils. I've read a lot of mixed views on using either when trying to conceive and while pregnant.

Question 1: Is it safe to use carrier oils, alone,without essential oils as a moisturizer, on your face & body, while trying to conceive?

I've been using Avocado & Sweet Almond oil(refined, cold pressed) on my face and body to help with my contact dermatitis, possibly eczema & itchy skin. I want to switch to unrefined - any concerns?

Question 2: What about using the above oils with essential oils in hair care & moisturizer(face & body) while trying to conceive? Is this safe?

Can either inhibit pregnancy if used everyday?

Thank you in advance for your reply,


Hi B

Thanks for your questions. To answer your first question, I do not know of any contraindications regarding carrier oils and trying to concieve and/or pregnancy. Most carrier oils are vegetable oils and we can eat these in every day life as well as use them in aromatherapy.

Unrefined, cold pressed carrier oils may have a have a higher vitamin and enzyme content than refined carrier oils, so are more desirable for therapeutic use. Anything that is refined by chemical means is more likely to have chemical residue so is best avoided in general.

Regarding your second question, I would be more likely concerned about the chemicals in your moisturiser and hair care products! Some ingredients are considered hazardous--even if you make it yourself. If you want to be completely assured of pure, organic hair care and moisturisers, make your own with base ingredients such as a good carrier oil and high quality essential oils.

A great book which explains how to use essential oils for beautiful skin care, easily and simply is Saving Face "The Scents-Able Way to Wrinkle Free Skin." It includes many essential oil formulas, benefits and even a "Face-Lift Home Spa Procedure"!

Also, please check the quality of your essential oil against the criteria on this page.

Some essential oils may contain additives, preservatives, isolated (and potentially hazardous) compounds such as limonene and linalool, pesticide and herbicide residues etc.

If the essential oil bottle has cautions such as "Do not take internally," rather than a supplement label, then be aware, there may be additives. Some do not have to be listed on the bottle!

There are some essential oils that are known to be avoided during pregnancy. I would also avoid these if you are trying to conceive (just in case you are pregnant and don't know it yet!)

Depending on which reference book you use, (I use Essential Oils Desk Reference as my reference) this list may differ depending on the source, but generally the following essential oils are best avoided during pregnancy:

  • Basil

  • Cinnamon

  • Clary Sage

  • Eucalyptus dives

  • Fennel

  • Hyssop

  • Marjoram

  • Nutmeg

  • Rosemary

  • Sage

There may be others so check the label of the essential oil bottle thoroughly before use and if you have any concerns, consult with your professional health care practitioner first.

Also, I have many testimonials about the safe use of essential oils to support pregnancy and labour. If you would like to contact me, I can email you the details.

I hope you find this information useful and best wishes for adding to your family :)

Essential Oil Goddess

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Mar 05, 2010
conceiving & Carrier Oils/EO's
by: b

Dear Jen,
Thanks so much for your response. It's a relief to know that using carrier oils alone while trying to conceive, should not pose any problems.

Currently, I am using Sweet Almond oil & Avocado oil
as an all over moisturizer(face/body) 2x a day. I find it has helped greatly with the contact dermatitis/itchy skin/eczema.

Some one recently told me of Argan oil to help with eczema. I have not heard of this oil. Can you shed
any light on it?

Jen you mentioned sending testimonials on EO's to support pregnancy - I would be happy to receive this.

Again, thank you for your advise and i look forward to other comments as well.

Happy, Healthy Friday,

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