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Dilution of Essential Oils and Discolouration

by Debasish Sarkar
(Kolkata, India.)

Hi Jen,

I am bit confused about one thing--when I am putting my essential oil blends in alcohol, it becomes cloudy, can you tell me tell me the reason?

Also, do you sell animal musks like Civet, Musk, Grain Musk, Ambergris etc?

Fragrance is my childhood passion and specially perfume blending has become some short of obsession to me. I don't know whether I suceed or not, but I keep trying, although many essential oils are not available not India.

Hi Debasish
Thank you for your questions. Firstly, I do not generally dilute my essential oils in alcohol. I prefer to use a raw organic coconut oil if I need to dilute my oils.

The discolouration could be because some essential oils are coloured! For example, jasmine essential oil is dark brown in colour and orange essential oil is a golden colour.

Essential oils do synergise with the organic substances you add it to, and as alcohol is organic (just as essential oils are) this could be the chemcial reaction between the alcohol and the essential oils.

Also, the discolouration you describe could be due to impurities in the essential oils you are using. Make sure you are using pure and potent essential oils such as Young Living Essential Oils. This is the only brand that I use and recommend. Young Living Essential Oils ship essential oils all around the world, including India :)

Regarding animal musk--sorry, I only use pure plant-based essential oils. It is interesting to note that the oils you mention, are from animals and not plant sources.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Best wishes

Essential Oil Goddess

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