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Discover the simple way to create the life you want using essential oils! Join our guest, Artemis, one of Australia's top business leaders for an exclusive training call where she will reveal her amazing secrets to enormous success in the essential oil business.

About our Guest: 


Artemis' love affair with Young Living’s essential oils began in 1998. She is currently a ranked as a "Diamond" leader with Young Living. Her background in science and her skills in intuitive healing have allowed her to appreciate essential oils from both perspectives - the pure science, and the wonderful esoteric and emotional benefits. Artemis is the author of two books, Earth Song and Dreams: Signs of Things to Come, and the creator of four meditation CDs - Discover your Spirit Guides, Discover your Angels of the Sea, Discover your Past Lives and Discover your Dreams. Artemis has been featured in New Idea for her Spirit Guide drawings and guided meditation CDs, an invited guest on many national radio programs, and was columnist for many years for Nature & Health magazine. Artemis travels throughout Australia teaching classes in essential oils, Raindrop Technique® and Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique.

Training Call Details:

Timezones Date Time
Brisbane, Australia (EST) Tuesday 11 October 2011 10am-11am
New York, USA (EDT) Monday 10 October 2011 8pm-9pm
All other time zones world-wide Check your local time here.

Check your local time for this call here.

Cost to Register for Training Call: FREE

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Great News! Even if you miss the call, you will be emailed the link to the recording for FREE, but you must register to gain access.  Full details to join the call will be emailed direct to your inbox on registration (see below for calling details).

What is a Training Call and how much does the call cost?

Training Calls are live, interactive 'Seminars' for the essential oil training, conducted over the telephone through special teleconferencing systems which can support many callers simultaneously and can be accessed from around the world.

The call itself is free, and you only pay your own phone charges.

The conference lines are based in the US, which means you need to phone the US - however, we have discovered a LOW COST way to do this. From Australia or elsewhere to the US, it's only around AU$1.45 for a full hour if you use a pre-paid phone card - in Australia we recommend Card Call for the cheapest rate around - available from most 7-11 stores.

Or some people use Skype (see below for more info).

Of course if you miss the call you can listen to the recorded version later, directly from the website.

You can join in the teleseminar just by dialing a phone number at the designated time to connect with the essential oil university class from the comfort of your own home, office or wherever is convenient. No computer is needed for the call. The line is located in the US so use your best calling plan (if in the US) or a pre-paid phone card or Skype (if in Australia or elsewhere).

What is Skype?

Skype is a software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet. For more information and/or to download Skype to your computer simply go to the Skype website.

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