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Essential Oils Desk Reference and 
Other Best Books for You!

The Essential Oils Desk Reference is my number one pick as the most comprehensive essential oils book ever written.

I have compiled a list of the best essential oil books available for you to order direct, including the Desk Reference. See my list below or click here to visit my store.

If you can only get one book my suggestion is start with the Essential Oils Desk Reference as it contains everything including how essential oils work, chemistry of essential oils, safety and comprehensive individual essential oil information (including blends) in an A-Z format.

It contains a thorough personal usage reference (listed A-Z for easy reference) and has everything from Abscesses to Yeast Infections!

It also has a section "emotional response with essential oils" which is a must read!

There are also sections about using essential oils with animals,cleansing and diets, skin care and Raindrop Technique.

The BEST reference book available is the Essential Oils Desk Reference. (Please note: If you would like the latest 5th Edition in a pocket reference, please choose the book on the left.)

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils The second best book! An absolute must have if you are dealing with difficult emotions. Essential oils have the potential to change your mood and clear emotional baggage.

Advanced Aromatherapy. Great basic chemistry and information about which essential oils are suitable for ingestion and why. Great for an in-depth understanding of why essential oils work!

Medical Aromatherapy by the same author. Based on the French aromatherapy model where aromatherapy is a medicine.

The Directory of Essential Oils. An absolute must if you wish to blend your own natural perfumes, creams, lotions. Contains an A-Z of over 80 essential oils including the "note" (ie. top, middle or base), and uses for skin, body and mind. 

Healing Oils Healing Hands - If you use any healing modality, or want to give the gift of healing, you need to read this book! Take your healing to an amazing level with ritual, annointing, sacred space and sacred time. A gorgeous, spiritual book.

Ayurveda and Aromatherapy - especially useful if you want to match essential oils with your body type. Excellent questionaires and especially good information related to how to lose weight, balancing excess and essential oils.

Aromatherapy For Healing the Spirit - A beautifully written book, based on emotional healing. I used the information in this book when I was going through grief and loss, which helped me through a most difficult time.

Fragrant Pharmacy - a classic! Lots of aromatherapy recipes and remedies for essential oils and for bases such as bath gel, shampoo and conditioner.

Fragrant Mind - by the same author. A fantastic section on assessing your personality type and the relevant essential oils. Great for the bringing out the Essential Oil Goddess in you!

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