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Essential Oils on Cats - "Kitty Raindrop Technique"

by Jen - Essential Oil Goddess
(Brisbane, Australia)

Kitty Raindrop with KC

Kitty Raindrop with KC

Essential Oils on Cats...

Reprinted from Artemis' Oils Bulletin. Please contact me if you would like to be added to the Bulletin.

Thanks for allowing my cat KC to have a demo kitty raindrop at the Dr Melissa Shelton (holistic vet) Animal Clinic in Brisbane.

My cat’s name is KC which stands for “Krazy Cat” with a “K” because she is so crazy! KC had to travel about 30 minutes in the car to the event so she was quite stressed when she arrived. Well, the kitty raindrop was AMAZING!

I noticed after the first application of oils by Melissa, that KC had started purring, unusual when she had been so stressed out only minutes before. She seemed noticeable calmer by the end of the demonstration, and my husband took her home. He rang about an hour later to tell me when KC got home, she had a big drink of water and then curled up on the desk and went to sleep!

By the time I got home several hours later, KC was in the driveway looking quite contented. I walked up to her and she seemed to be much calmer. She is usually busily looking around, partly stressed, waiting to see what “thing” is going to get her next!

Since the Kitty raindrop I have noticed a huge difference in KC. She seems much more grounded and centred, not freaking out at the littlest thing. KC will be getting regular Kitty raindrops from now on. You have changed my cat’s life too! Thank you Dr Melissa and to Artemis for organising such a wonderful event.

Artemis adds: Thanks Jen!!! And for those who don't know how to do a Kitty Raindrop's very simple.

Here's my version of the Kitty Raindrop Technique: take a Tablespoon of V6 oil and add 2 drops of each of the essential oils from the Raindrop Technique Kit into it (that's Valor, Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Aromasiez and Peppermint). Mix well, and take 6 drops of this diluted mix and drip up Kitty's spine. Then you can massage it in however you want - you can feather up the spine, or just give a yummy cat massage. Either way....most cats get addicted to this aromatic pampering pretty quickly!!!! Note that it's essential that you use the dilution indicated above, and don't use these oils neat on the cat.

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