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My son has extreme ADHD. Which oils can I use to help him?

by Margarita
(Cornelius, NC, USA)

My youngest son has extreme ADHD. I know that essential oils have the highest vibrational frequency on the planet. Can you help me and tell me which oils and what blends with a recipe, that I can put together to use to help my son. He needs to focus, especially in school!

Thanks a MILLION. You are the best. Love the site, and you.


Hi Margarita

Thank you for your question. It is important that you check with your doctor first especially if you son is taking any prescription medication. Once you have the all clear, there are some wonderful essential oils that may be worth checking out.

The Essential Oils Desk Reference states some amazing research completed by Terry Friedmann (MD). During a pioneering ADD and ADHD study, where participants inhaled essential oils twice a day including vetiver, cedarwood and lavender, Dr. Friedmann was able to achieve clinically significant results in 60 days.

Personally, I find using one drop of vetiver on the chest, allows me to focus and remain calm at the same time when under pressure. It is an extremely viscous oil (if you have a pure, unadulterated oil) and the scent lasts for hours. It would be my first choice in an essential oil blend for ADHD.

Essential oils have this potential because smell is the only sense where the receptor nerve endings are in direct contact with the outside world.

Essential oil molecules are so small that they are able to bypass the blood-brain barrier and go directly to the brain via the sense of smell.

Scientific research shows that essential oils are readily absorbed into the blood stream and that excellent absorption takes place through the nasal mucosa and lungs.

Therefore, when inhaled, essential oils may stimulate the areas of the brain associated with memory and learning, influence hormonal responses, and alter mood and feelings.

Other essential oils that are noted for their calming, yet focussing properties are sandalwood and frankincense. These two essential oils are often used in meditation--the ultimate combination of focus and relaxation at the same time.

There are three other essential oil blends that have calming properties,yet promote concentration and mental clarity. They are:

  • Brain Power

  • Clarity

  • Peace and Calming

These essential oil blends are available from my store.

As always, I only use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils, as they are guaranteed for their purity. You might like to use the oils in combination, on their own or try one of the blends and see which one works best for your son.

You may also want to investigate research regarding nutritional deficiencies related to ADHD. Changing the diet along with using essential oils increases your chances for positive changes.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Essential Oil Goddess

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Mar 28, 2013
Where to rub oils
by: Anonymous

Hi. I am also looking into a natural remedy to help my son with his adhd symptoms. I am open to trying the oils first, but need to know where on the body to rub them? I've been told to rub them on the feet every night, but in your response you mention chest. He is 4 years old, so not sure if his skin is still too tender for oils to be rubbed on his chest daily.
Thank you.


Hi, For a 4 year oils, I would dilute the essential oils as needed. Organic coconut oil makes a great carrier oil and easily absorbed into the skin. The feet are also an excellent place to massage essential oils into the body as they are more permeable and will help relax and calm at night time.

Essential Oil Goddess

Feb 09, 2010
My son has extreme ADHD
by: Margarita

Thank you Jen for your assistance with my question. I know that his diet has been changed and that medication has not started yet, so we will add the essential oils ASAP. Thank you again.


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