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Night Blooming Day Light Beauty Essential Oil Perfume

by Heatherlee Richerson von Tchudi
(Northern California)

This is a recipe of my favorite essential oil perfume. I prefer to mix my essential oils directly on my skin (as long as they are not dermotoxic- toxic if applied directly to the skin).

I start by placing a drop of jasmine essential oil onto my left wrist. I then place a drop of neroli essential oil over the drop of jasmine, rub my wrists together then rub each wrist onto a side of my neck.

Every time I wear this, I get strangers asking me which brand of perfume I am wearing. They are often surprised that it is a blend of my two favorite floral essential oils, not a commercial perfume at all.

However, it is not fair to wear it on a first date. That is, unless you are meaning to entice them into your bedroom.

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