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Which Essential Oil Should I Use For Bliss and Peace

by Richard Jones
(Little Egg Harbor, NJ)

I would like to use an oil to feel bliss or peace. There are so many oils out there, that I dont know which one to use. Can you advise? Also, how should I use it?
Richard Jones

Thanks for your question, Richard.

You are right, there are so many essential oils to choose from.

Here is a list of my favourite essential oils for peace and bliss:

  • Frankincense essential oil

  • Roman Chamomile essential oil

  • Melissa essential oil

  • Juniper essential oil

  • Spikenard essential oil

The best way to discover how to use an oil is to attune for peace. Get in a comfortable seated position and hold the essential oil bottle in your hand, close your eyes and smell the oil.

Where do you feel the oil in your body? Do you notice any sensations? How is your body and mind responding to the oil? Take note of which oil gives you the response you are looking for.

You can diffuse these oils (my favourite way for a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere in the home) or apply as needed. I do not use an oil burner as they can damage the fragile chemical constituents of the essential oils. An ultrasonic diffuser doesn't heat the oils and so you get the most therapeutic benefits.

Also, I only use Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil as I know and trust that I can apply most of these oils neat to my body.

A beautiful blend by Young Living for Peace is called Peace and Calming. I put a couple of drops of this blend on the tops of my shoulders for absolute peace! I also use it on my the soles of my feet at night to help me to relax for a good night's sleep.

You can find out more about Young Living essential oils at my store.

Wishing you blissful peace

Essential Oil Goddess

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