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Which Scents Make the Baby Powder Scent?

by Hillarie
(Jackson, MI)

I have been told that rose, honeysuckle, vanilla and others combine to make the baby powder scent. I have no idea what else or any amounts combine to make the baby powder/fresh scent. Any ideas/recipes?

Hi Hillarie thanks for your question. The essential oil blend that already exists and smells divine is Young Living's Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend*.

This blend is so gentle on the skin I use it on my face, under my eyes as an anti-wrinkle blend! It was specifically developed for use for pregnancy, new-born babies and up, so it is suitable for all ages and skin types.

Gentle Baby is a blend of the following essential oils:

  • Rosewood essential oil

  • Geranium essential oil

  • Palmarosa essential oil

  • Lavender essential oil

  • Roman chamomile essential oil

  • Ylang Ylang essential oil

  • Lemon essential oil

  • Jasmine essential oil

  • Bergamot essential oil

  • rose essential oil

You need not look any further, this blend is amazing!

Of course, I only use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils. *These products are only available from Young Living Essential Oils. Please visit my store for more information.

Enjoy the scent of baby powder in its purest form!

Essential Oil Goddess

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Dec 07, 2011
Answer to your baby powder scent essential oil recipe
by: By Admin - Jen

Hi Courntney
Thanks for your question about making a baby powder scented essential oil. Gentle Baby is a Young Living Essential Oil Blend. I have listed the ingredients for you but the actual recipe is secret and only known to Young Living.

You could experiment with the above ratios, taking into account top, middle and base note blending rules.

If you want the most authentic and gorgeous scent, then I would highly recommend Young Living Essential Oil. The quality is the purest and most potent I have ever found so you will only need to use a small amount.

I use Gentle Baby Blend on my face as an anti-wrinkle serum - it is that pure! And I ALWAYS get lots of comments about the AMAZING scent!

If you wish to find out more about Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend, go to my store for more information.

Happy Blending!
Jen - Essential Oil Goddess

Dec 07, 2011
How much essential oil for baby powder scent?
by: Courtney

Hi I am very new to soap making (havent even made my first batch) and I came across your page while searching for baby powder scented essential oil (silly me thought maybe there was one lol) I am very intrested in trying out your recipe, but I was wondering, how much of each oil would I use? Is it equal parts??

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