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Allergic to Rose Essential Oil

I tried rose essential oil direct on my skin and received a rash on the palm of my hand. What can I do to stop the burn and itch.

Thank you.

Thanks for your question. The first thing you need to do anytime an essential oil irritates the skin in any way is dilute with a pure (preferably organic) vegetable oil such as almond, olive, coconut oil or any other PURE vegetable oil.

Essential oils are "lipophilic", meaning they need fats to dissolve them. Water will only drive the essential oil in further, making it more uncomfortable and/or irritating to the skin.

Irritation to the skin by essential oils can be itching, burning, rashes, "prickly feeling", etc. At the first sign of discomfort, apply liberal amounts of pure vegetable oil. The discomfort should dissipate within a few minutes. If not, add more vegetable oil every few minutes until discomfort subsides.

This may also be a good time to assess the quality of your essential oils. Rose essential oil is one of the most gentle essential oils and generally can be applied to all skin types on all parts of the body...and that means anywhere. You may want to read this article about rose oil, the sexy oil :)

I hope you find this information helpful.

Essential Oil Goddess

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