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Conception and Essential Oils

by Kay
(Brisbane, Queensland)

Dear Jen, My daughter is wanting to conceive. What oil could I buy her that would be something that might encourage conception?

Hi Kay,

Thank you for your question. As always, I suggest checking with a health care professional before using any essential oils.

The most beautiful all-round balancing essential oil I have found for women is geranium essential oil. It helps to balance hormones, bringing everything into harmony. It smells wonderful too!

I only use Young Living essential oils for their purity and guarantee of no added chemicals, pesticides, herbicides etc. They are also therapeutic grade so all the chemical constituents are retained meaning that the therapeutic effect is present.

There are essential oil blends that support the fertility process. They are:

  • SclarEssence

  • Dragon Time

  • Acceptance

  • Mister

These essential oil blends are available from my store.

You may also like to read this question I answered about conceiving as it also contains a list of essential oils to avoid during pregnancy. (and I would avoid while trying to conceive in case I was already pregnant and didn't know it yet!)

As always, I only use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils, as they are guaranteed for their purity. You might like to use the oils in combination, on their own or try one of the blends and see which one your daughter feels is right for her.

I look forward to hearing some magical news!

Best wishes always

Essential Oil Goddess

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