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Learn Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique

This gentle yet powerful emotional clearing technique uses Young Living's therapeutic-grade essential oils and other bodywork techniques to promote a deep and sacred state of connection.

The experience is often like an inner vision quest, or a heightened state of meditation and mental clarity. Based on an ancient Egyptian ritual described in the Temple of Isis for "cleansing of the spirit", the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique is performed in silence and reverence. 

The receiver is anointed with 13 different emotional blends of essential oil. The deeply relaxing effects of these essential oils and bodywork carry you into a blissful state of "presence". At the same time, the innate intelligence of these essential oils will stimulate memories and emotions, carrying you wherever you need to go in order to reach a state of clarity and understanding. 

The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique can be used on its own, or to empower any other modality you use (including Reiki and massage). It is a beautiful and intuitive way to help yourself, your loved ones and potential clients to reconnect with the inner self, and gently release issues that are causing emotional and physical challenges. 

We've had profound shifts occur during this technique. Give yourself a huge blessing, and join us for this amazing workshop. 

What's Special About the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique? 

It's the gentle way that it assists you to:

  • NURTURE your Physical Body
  • GENTLY RELEASE and Transform your Hidden Emotions
  • Gain SPIRITUAL CLARITY and Upliftment
  • Reconnect with your Truth and your PERSONAL POWER

Receiving the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique brings a welcome respite from our lifestyle of high stress and high energy, and brings about a gentle reconnection on a deep inner level. 

Would you like to receive an Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique? I offer sessions to experience this amazing transformation.

Why does the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique work? 

Did you know that your sense of smell accesses the limbic system of your brain, where emotional memories and trauma is stored? Because of their aroma, therapeutic-grade essential oils exert a powerful balancing effect on the emotions. 

The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique uses this concept and combines it with an ancient Egyptian ritual for elevating the Spirit. Dr. Daniel Penoel, M.D. in his book Natural Home Health Care Using Essential Oils puts forward the concept that therapeutic-grade action on the body and emotions as well

This can be explained in terms of the complex "fingerprint" of a true essential oil. Comprising hundreds of individual constituents, each with an individual action on the body and emotions as well as a collective (synergistic) action, an essential oil works on whatever level the recipient needs it to work. Its effect can be emotional, physical or spiritual. 

For this reason, there is no "set" response when you receive an Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique. Each time the technique is received, the experiences will be different. The most common outcomes to this technique are an intense state of clarity around current issues, the gentle release of issues that are causing emotional and physical challenges, and feelings of emotional bliss and heightened awareness. 

Whether you want to perform this exquisite technique on your family and friends, or offer the technique professionally (and gain insurance cover for it), or whether you want to simply learn more about how to use therapeutic-grade essential oils, this workshop is a must. 

How does it differ from Raindrop Technique?

  • Raindrop Technique is an exceptional modality for balancing the physical body (and may at times address emotional issues in this process).
  • The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique is much more specific to the emotional journey. So if someone presents to you with physical challenges, you are more likely to use the Raindrop Technique, whereas if someone presents to you with emotional challenges (or seeking clarity around major life decisions), you are more likely to use the EECT to support them.
  • Raindrop Technique is a complex technique with many different steps to learn; the EECT is much simpler to learn and perform. For this reason, you will quickly master the skills needed for performing EECT. This is why we offer Level 2 EECT back-to-back with the MasterClass (to give you the option to fast-track to Professional Level).

What You Will Learn in Your EECT MasterClass Training


  • Learn to see, feel and read auras (the energy field around the body), and witness for yourself the profound effect that essential oils make on the human aura.
  • Discover how to create a sacred space for healing work, and how to use your "intent" and specific essential oils for energy clearing and grounding.
  • Detect energy blocks in the body and learn how to clear them with essential oils.
  • Discover the many ways that your intuition manifests (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, prophetic), and learn simple tools for accessing each of these areas.
  • Learn how to trust your intuition, combining it into your work with essential oils so that you may help others with your gifts.
  • Fall in love with Valor essential oil blend, and learn 3 simple ten-minute-techniques for balancing the emotions and aura.
  • You can use these techniques at festivals and in your promotion of essential oils, or incorporate them into any other modalities you have studied. These are all extended versions of the standard "Valor Balance".
  • Discover the principles of hands-on-healing, and learn 2 unique bodywork techniques for use in the EECT.
  • Perform and receive the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique (utilizing all of the skills you have learned above).

Our aim is for you to have a truly profound experience in this section of the course.


  • An in-depth exploration of the oils used in EECT (their physical, emotional and spiritual applications).
  • Learn the history, core principles and emotional benefits of the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique.
  • Discover how to work with a client history form, and how to check for specific safety protocols important to the use of essential oils.
  • Physical and energetic results from Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique - live blood analysis and aura photographs show the benefits of this amazing technique.
  • Learn to support others in their emotional journey, using the EECT PRACTICAL AND THEORETICAL ELEMENTS OF LEVEL 2 (final day of the Masterclass).

To discover more about this amazing technique, please use the form below to make an enquiry. Courses are currently conducted around Australia and in some areas of the USA, with more areas to follow.  

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