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Wintergreen Essential Oil

by Wendy

I have heard wintergreen essential oil can be dangerous to use in aromatherapy. Is this true?

Hi Wendy thanks for your question. I use pure wintergreen essential oil in my practice, especially in the Raindrop Technique. Wintergeen is high anti-inflammatory, vasodilator, analgesic/anesthetic and is useful with many types of discomfort.

The Essential Oils Desk Reference states that "Methyl salicylate, the principal constituent of wintergreen oil, has been incorporated into numerous linaments and oinments for musculoskeletal problems."

There are a number of cautions with wintergreen, just as there are for other essential oils. Wintergreen has anticoagulant properties, therefore it may enhance the effect of blood thinners such as asprin etc so it is best avoided if taking blood thinners.

It is also a caution for children under 5 years of age, as it is a warming oil! It should be avoided in pregnancy and those with epilepsy.

Overall, wintergeen oil is a very useful and effective essential oil, but like all essential oils must be respected for its potent power!

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I hope you find this information helpful.


Essential Oil Goddess

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Aug 06, 2011
Great information, Jen!
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for your valuable information Jen.

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