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Aromatherapy Nebulizer
for Therapeutic Use

An aromatherapy nebulizer is a must-have piece of equipment. Its therapeutic benefits are amazing. If you are still using an oil burner and think you are getting therapeutic benefits - think again!

What is a Nebulizer?

aromatherapy nebulizer

A true aromatherapy nebulizer runs on pumped air to reduce the liquid (essential oil) to an extremely fine mist. This method of delivery is especially useful for using essential oil at a therapeutic level.

There are three parts to this nebulizer: the pump, the well (the silver part) and the glass nebulizer. Oh, there is also a hose running from the pump to the well ;)

The drops of essental oil is placed directly in the well and air passes over it. It is forced up through the glass nebulizer and it changes the essential oil from liquid to a gas (mist) without destroying any chemical constituents.

This type of nebulizer is especially good for when essential oil is needed to get into the respiratory tract.

I also found it very handy when I worked in office. It smells divine and you can be assured that when all the cold and flu nasties are around or there is stress in the office you can whack in some drops and it is wonderful!

Add some antiviral essential oils or some oils for happiness and watch the mood in the room change before your eyes!

There is no heat, so there is no change in the chemical structure of the vital chemical constituents of the essential oil.

Advantages of Aromatherapy Nebulizer

  • Essential oil is not heated, therefore preserving the therapeutic qualities of the oil.
  • Disperses a good amount of oil into an area in a short amount of time.
  • You will notice the mood of people around you is more relaxed and they may even comment about the great smell.
  • You can use it for short periods of time and it will leave a lingering odour for up to two hours.
  • Easy to clean. Just wash the glass nebulizer in warm, soapy water and rinse.
  • Smells wonderful!

Disadvantages of Aromatherapy Nebulizer

  • Uses more essential oil than an essential oil diffuser.
  • Can be noisy if you are in a quiet environment (it has about the same sound as a fish pump on a fish tank).

Where Can I Get a Nebulizer?

Nebulizers are difficult to find! I don't think I have ever seen one in a shop (including aromatherapy shops). Usually they stock burners and electric heaters and occassionally diffusers.

You can order an aromatherapy nebulizer direct. The nebulizers have a three month warranty and you can buy the replacement glass nebulizers if you happen to break it.

To order, please go to my aromatherapy store and click on the banner "browse essential oils." You will find the nebulizers there. You can order online and have it delivered to your door in most countries.

If you wish to order wholesale please contact me or go to my aromatherapy store.

If you have any questions, please contact me on the form below.

You can add ten - twenty drops to the nebulizer at a time. You can also make a blend, use a single oil or use a pre-mixed blend.

It is very important to only use therapeutic grade essential oils as cheap oils and blends may block the nebulizer and it may not work properly.

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