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Essential Oil Diffuser for Great Aromatherapy

An essential oil diffuser is a must! It is the natural way for a goddess! If you want essential oil perfume around the house, you need a diffuser. There are two types of diffusers available:

Each has its own unique way of dispersing the oils into the air. The most important thing is that they both DO NOT USE HEAT.

The first type of diffuser is designed with an essential oil nebulizer and a well. It is usually attached to an air pump. This will disperse the oils in a micro-fine vapour so they can stay suspended in the air for several hours. Be careful here, make sure the nebulizer is specifically for essential oils. Some brands of nebulizers sold for asthma and similar conditions are not suitable for essential oils. The nebulizer may get blocked. Check with the manufacturer.

A diffuser with a nebuliser and air pump does NOT heat the oil. This is so important to retain the therapeutic quality of the oil. We want aroma plus therapy!

essential oil deffuser

Another advantage of an essential oil diffuser is it cannot burn dry. It only uses air, not heat. So if you forget to turn it off, worst case scenario is the whole house will smell fantastic!

If you or your family are suffering from a cold or flu, try adding eucalyptus and tea tree essential oil to your diffuser. Beware! If you add cheap essential oils, these can block the diffuser. Besides, you want to get better right?

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

If you want the latest technology in aromatherapy then you will love the ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.

ultrasonic  diffuser

The Ultrasonic Diffuser's wave vibrates with water at a frequency of 1,700,000 times/second generating a COOL MIST and releasing plenty of oxygen and ions, while breaking up the essential oil into the water producing extremely fine micro-particles.

A huge advantage of this type of essential oil diffuser is the timer switch. I suggest an essential oil diffuser which has at least five settings.

It is energy saving, easy to use. It is safe because it has an automatic cut off if water levels are too low (on all settings)and most importantly, the first setting is it works continuously until low water level is reached and will automatically stop.

Other settings are:

  • Unit works continuously for 2 hours and will automatically stop.
  • Unit disperses for 5 seconds and rests for 40 seconds.
  • Unit disperses for 15 seconds and rests for 50 seconds.
  • Unit disperses for 30 minutes and rests for 15 minutes.

To buy an aromatherapy nebulizer or diffuser please go to my aromatherapy store. You can order online and have it delivered to your door in most countries.

Some people who enjoy essential oils use an essential oil burner. Did you know that this can actually change the chemical constituents of the oils? This means the oil may lose the therapeutic qualities you are after!

essential oil deffuser

It will smell nice...sure...but we want therapeutic quality. I do use a burner with my cheap essential oils. Make sure it has a deep bowl so it doesn't burn dry.

Keep an eye on it as it is an open flame! A burner is fine for perfume. If that is all you want.

If you want to use your essential oil for making essential oil perfume blends or massage blends, the only thing you need is a small glass bowl.

essential oils massage therapy

I recommend making a blend for one use only. Add the carrier oil first, then up to three drops of each essential oil. For blending tips go here. That way you can be flexible. Each time choose oils to suit your mood or the therapeutic quality you are looking for. Glass is best as it is nonporous so it won't absorb any of the aromas. You don't want leftovers in your next blend!

Each of your essential oils should have its own inbuilt dropper. If it doesn't invest in a small dropper like the one pictured above. Remember, less is more!

If you would like more information about the essential oil diffuser I use, please contact me via the form below.

An essential oil diffuser is so important for retaining therapeutic quality and the best scent of the oil! People will comment on how great your house smells! You will know the secret of essential oil goddess!

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