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Humidifier Recommendations?

I'm looking for a humidifier with which I can use essential oils. Seems like there are a lot where they say you can just put the oil in with the water; then there's the $150 humidifier that includes a separate container for the oil. Any advice?!

Thanks for your question. Diffusers, humidifiers, oil burners--it is a bit of a mine field out there!

The most important thing is to check that the equipment you are looking at DOES NOT HEAT THE WATER OR OIL in any way. This is the golden rule.

Essential oils contain fragile chemical constituents that may be lost or damaged with heat. I discuss this in detail in my book, An Aromatic Life. Once damaged, there is little therapeutic benefit from the essential oil.

Most humidifiers heat essential oils--and some warn against the use of essential oils with them! This is because essential oils may cause blockages because they are generally not made for essential oils.

The equipment I recommend is either an ultrasonic diffuser or a nebulizing diffuser. Both of these diffusers use cold air and/or water to diffuse the essential oils, helping to keep the essential oil intact and allowing for maximum therapeutic benefits.

I use and recommend Young Living Essential Oil Diffusers and Nebulizers. I have three in my home! You can go to my store for more information.

I hope you find this information useful.

Happy diffusing!

Essential Oil Goddess

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