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Bath Salts Recipe for Ultimate Bliss!

Are you looking for a bath salts recipe? It is so simple! A few drops of essential oils are a must for ultimate bliss.

You can use these recipes for yourself or to make a gorgeous present for someone special. Add ribbons, a specially decorated label, glitter and you have a beautiful homemade present. Excellent if you are on a budget.

Want to indulge yourself? Imagine having your own personally blended bath salts recipe. Set the scene with candles, an essential oil diffuser, a glass of wine (or put apple juice in a wine glass to spoil yourself), some soft music and soak up the atmosphere.

You will need to make the base recipe, then choose a blend of essential oils to add to your salts.

What You Will Need

  1. A Glass Jar. Glass jars are best for storage, as essential oils can react with plastic and eventually break it down. The jar needs to hold at least one cup of salts.
  2. A selection of essential oils. I have listed some recipes on this page to make your own essential oil recipes. I only use therapeutic grade essential oils. Find out why here.
  3. Bowl for mixing. Again, use a glass bowl. If you don't have one, steel is ok.
  4. And of course, a steel/glass spoon for mixing.

Bath Salts Recipe (1)

This recipe is to soften hard water. Adding essential oils will give it the therapeutic properties and a beautiful essential oil perfume. Note: The ingredients are avaiable at the supermarket in the cooking isle or health food shop.

  • 100g tartaic acid
  • 100g bicarbonate of soda
  • 50g arrowroot powder
  • 20 drops of essential oil or blend

Mix the powders together well. Add essential oils drop by drop. Stir continuously to prevent caking. You can also add drop by drop some natural colouring if you would like coloured bath salts. Place in a jar and shake daily for three days. To use: Sprinkle 1/2 cup of the blend into the bath under running water.

Bath Salts Recipe (2)

This recipe is made by using ten drops of essential oil (or blend) to 1 cup of Epsom salts. Epsom salts are good for aches and pains. The details of the recipe is here. Of course, you can choose any essential oil blend you like to change the therapeutic properties.

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Of course, you can make bath bombs too. They are just as easy and cheap to make. As an ex-science teacher I can tell you that it is the reaction between an acid and base which after the fizz gives you the bath salts! They make great presents at a budget price too!

Make Your Own Essential Oil Blends

Each blend is enough for Bath Salts Recipe - Number One (1). Halve the amount of drops for Recipe Number Two (2).

"Lovers and Dreamers" blend - Choose up to 20 drops of the following romantic oils (in any combination):

"Get Better Soon Blend" - this blend Using Anti-viral essential oils:

  • 6 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 5 drops beragmot essential oil
  • 5 drops lavender essential oil
  • 4 drops eucalyptus essential oil (Eucalyptus radiata)

"Stressbuster" blend - Relieve stress and smell like a goddess!

  • 6 drops bergamot essential oil
  • 6 drops marjoram essential oil
  • 4 drops basil essential oil
  • 4 drops cypress essential oil

Using essential oils in a bath salts recipe has so many benefits. If you want therapeutic results from your recipe, then use ONLY therapeutic grade essential oil. Cheap oil will produce cheap results. You want the best for your skin and health. I hope you enjoy these recipes. I would love to hear your feedback!

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