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Rose Essential Oil for Lovers and Dreamers!

Rose essential oil is an exquisite oil. I call it the essential oil for "lovers and dreamers."

Essential oil for lovers

Rose has been a symbol of love and purity for thousands of years - the petals were scattered at weddings to ensure a happy marriage.

It has also been used in history in meditation and prayer - the story goes that St Dominic (1170-1221) ws visited by the Virgin Mary in a mystical vision and received the first rosary - each bead was scented with roses.

From these historical beginnings, rose essential oil is known to carry the highest vibrational frequency. It has deep connections to the soul, also known as the Mystic Rose and the Holy Rose.

Rose oil allows spiritual attunement, perfect for lucid dreamers. It is also known for keeping the heart chakra open and therefore the emotional centre open, perfect for lovers.

For Lovers...

Bath salt recipe with rose essential oil

A favourite and simple bath salts recipe that I love to share with my partner is:

  • one cup of Epsom salts (available at the supermarket)
  • ten drops of essential oil

Add the drops of essential oil to the bath salts. Stir well to mix. Sprinkle into warm bath while the water is running. Enjoy alone or with your partner!

Tip: Add a drop at a time of natural colouring and mix in for coloured bath salts

Rose essential oil is only one of two essential oils that can be used during sex, including ALL areas of the body.

The perfect blend for lovers:

Tip: reduce the number of drops (in ratio) to wear as a perfume. One of the best ways to wear essential oil perfume all day long is to have a special aromatherapy locket.

» Go to this page for more bath ideas and recipes.

For Dreamers...

Essential oil for sleep

I am a big dreamer...asleep and awake! The best part about dreaming while asleep is when my dreams become lucid. Lucid dreaming means dreaming while being fully aware that you are dreaming.

If your partner snores or you have trouble sleeping these oils may help!

I love when I realise that I am in control of what happens next in my dream. When I lucid dream, I wake up more alive and energised than ever. I can change my life in my dreams!

Rose is an excellent oil to assist the transition to lucid dreaming. This is my routine when I want to use essential oils for lucid dreaming (and have the best night's sleep!):

Place one drop of rose essential oil into the palm of the hand. Rub the oil directly onto the sole of the opposite foot (ie. right hand to left foot), three times, in a clockwise direction. Apply in the same way to the other foot.

I recommend an excellent website, World of Lucid Dreaming to find out more information about lucid dreaming.

If you would like to find out more about how to interpret your dreams, essential oils for bad dreams or nightmares click here.

Other essential oils you might like to try for lucid dreaming are listed below.(Mix with rose or use alone - take time to experiment!)

Rose essential oil

Why the sole of the foot? The sole of the foot is the most permeable part of the body for the small essential oil molecules to penetrate quickly and enter the bloodstream. It is estimated that essential oils will be absorbed into the bloodstream and the rest of the body within minutes.

Every goddess should own a bottle of pure, unadulterated therapeutic grade rose essential oil.

Almost all rose oils are sovent extracted. About 4000kg of rose flowers produce 1 litre of rose essential oil. That equates to about 30 roses to make one drop of oil. Therefore, beware cheap rose oil, you may be buying the cheaper palmarosa oil which is commonly used to adulterate and cut rose oil.

Pure rose oil is beatuiful for skin. It has soothing properties for inflamed skin. It can be used on mature, dry, hard or sensitive skin and is perfect for preventing wrinkles.

Rose is an oil for lovers and dreamers. It is a special oil which needs to be treated with respect. Honour yourself by giving yourself the best. You deserve the best. You are a goddess!

If you wish to purchase the highest quality, highest vibration, therapeutic grade rose essential oil, please go to My Store for more details.

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